About Us

Gidget Loves Fashion is owned by Shalimar Backman, with help from her Chihuahua, the lovable Gidget. Shalimar grew up in the world of couture; her mother spending her life in the designer fragrance business, going on to launch Gucci’s first fragrance in the 70’s. Shalimar is actually named for Guerlain’s famous scent, which was one of her mother’s favorites!

Family and career filled Shalimar’s life but her love of fashion was always there, reflected in her personal style. In 2010, Shalimar opened The Closet, a high-end clothing and accessories resale store, in Washington State. Soon thereafter, she launched her online store, Gidget Loves Fashion. Nobody could have predicted the attention that Gidget Loves Fashion would receive, sales climbed rapidly, and the eBay store became a full time job. Three years ago, Shalimar has launched her own website to run alongside the eBay store.

Meanwhile, Miss Gidget oversees all aspects of the operation from the comfort of her overstuffed chair, providing expert guidance whenever the need arises. Shalimar and Gidget know you will enjoy your shopping experience!